The Faces Behind Norhound

about_bannerKallie Spidahl, Owner/Photographer
I grew up surrounded by as many animals that my parents could tolerate- dogs, cats, parrots, and at one point a miniature horse. I assumed the best career for myself would be as a veterinarian or a marine biologist, but sometime during my freshman year of college I began to question my career path. I found myself more interested in learning about photography, traveling, and being outdoors than studying in a library. I wasn’t convinced that I could make it as an artist, so I majored in something much more practical- German and International Studies 🙂

Norhound is a byproduct of my love of photojournalism, animals, and life. Thank you for supporting my dream!

Andrew Spidahl, Handler/Assistant
Andrew is a philosopher, writer, and musician. He spent his formative years growing up in rural Cameroon, and thus enjoys nature and wild spaces. His calm and assertive demeanor make him the perfect dog and photographer handler 🙂 Thanks Andrew for being so supportive of all of my crazy hobbies and ideas!