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Two rescued Greyhounds – Michigan Dog Photographer

On our way back from the beach we ran into two beautiful Greyhounds. I couldn’t resist asking them if I could

Gilly – Grand Rapids Dog Photographer

Gilly belongs to our fun friend, Angela. Gilly loves running, Morgen, and catching crabs from the sound.

Georgia – Michigan Dog Photographer

Georgia belongs to our kiteboarding friend, Roland. She’s just as much a part of the kiteboarding crew as Roland

Sadie and Morgen – West Michigan Dog Photographer

Sadie and Morgen belong to our good friends, Mary and Bruce. I’ve spent many hours in the back of their car with

Walter – Michigan Dog Photographer

Meet Walter, a two year old English Bulldog with plenty of personality to go around.

Holiday Mini Sessions 2016

Holiday Mini Session- $150 This mini session is a fun, quick, five minute session that takes place in the Norhound

George – Saugatuck Dog Photographer

I photographed George’s sibling, Max, last summer. Max set the bar high with his sweet golden retriever

Annie – Holland Dog Photographer

When our Newfoundland, Samson, started having some separation anxiety, I told Andrew we needed another dog 🙂 That dog

Spike and Petri – Saugatuck Dog Photographer

I played on the women’s tennis team at Hope with Sammi. Her family is the epitome of Italian hospitality and they

Noah – Holland Dog Photographer

Amber was a former roommate of mine, from what I refer to as the “best year ever.” Amber, Amanda,

Margot – Holland Dog Photographer

Meet Margot, the adorable, on the go, Newfie puppy!

Piper – Grand Rapids Dog Photographer

After a few years of being dogless, my parents decided it was time to get a puppy. Meet Piper.